Shared Prong Engagement Rings

Shared prong engagement ring settings hold one diamond or many diamonds up and away from the finger while securely holding them in place with two, four or six prongs. The lifted diamond setting allows light to shine up through the cutlet of the diamond (the bottom pointed tip) and out the table of the diamond (the flat top of the cut diamond). Shared prong diamond engagement rings offer the maximum amount of brilliance and sparkle.

Light Up the Room with a Shared Prong Diamond Ring

The shared prong diamond ring design allows for more diamond visibility. The aesthetic splendor and security offered by a four or six prong diamond setting makes it a preferred classification of bridal by many couples.

The beauty of shared prong engagement rings is enhanced by the shared prong diamond ring design which allows the maximum amount of light to enter from all angles. They are a favorite of those who appreciate a larger and more brilliant appearance to their diamond ring.