Micro Pavé Engagement Rings

Micro Pavé engagement rings combine a contemporary style with an antique look. Micro Pavé engagement rings are handcrafted with multitudes of small diamonds (which may be as small as 0.005 ct and generally not exceeding 0.01 carat) which are closely spaced in the setting much in the way that an old street may be paved with cobblestones; The literal definition of pavé means paved and micro refers to the small sizes of the gems. Micro Pavé refers to both the style of the engagement ring setting as well as the manner or method with which it is done.

The Methodology of Micro Pavé Engagement Rings

Setting the diamonds in the Micro Pavé engagement ring setting is done with an old method of bead setting when each stone is placed in a carefully drilled and tapered hole in the metal and once the stone is placed there, the metal is pushed over the edges of the stone. It is often done with tiny prongs cast into the ring body to start and then the excess metal is cut away. The appearance that is left is an area that looks like it is paved with diamonds, with as little as possible metal showing. The Micro Pavé setting method can be traced back to the earliest days of jewelry making. Martin Flyer master setters are responsible for handcrafting some of the most wonderfully beautiful and remarkably intricate designed engagement rings.