Channel Set Engagement Rings

What are channel set engagement rings? Channel set engagement rings have gemstones set into a metal channel with no metal separating the gemstones. Instead, gemstones in the channel set engagement rings flow together in one continuous row and present a clean, elegant and contemporary appearance.

Benefits of Channel Set Engagement Rings

Channel set engagement rings offer damage protection to the gemstones’ girdles (the widest part of the gem). Exposed sharp corners and angles that may be present in other style settings are absent in channel set engagement rings, making this a good choice if you live an active lifestyle.

All FlyerFit channel set engagement rings are made with the finest raw materials crafted and customized by hand. The FlyerFit trademarked technology ensures every FlyerFit engagement ring will be designed to fit perfectly together with your wedding band – and without “the dreaded gap” in between.