Buying a Diamond Ring

When you are ready to get engaged and budgeting for buying a diamond ring, one school of thought tells you to put as much money as you feel you can afford into the diamond and not worry about the engagement ring setting. We don't believe this to be the smartest decision. It is the engagement ring setting that houses your diamond for a lifetime. You need to be sure it is safe and secure. If you cut corners regarding the engagement ring setting you could jeopardize the safety of your diamond by buying an inferior product. FlyerFit® rings are handmade to ensure the ring will be with you for the rest of your life.

The smart decision when buying a diamond ring today is to buy your engagement ring and wedding band for her and wedding band for him, all together - this way you eliminate the worry about needing to do it further on down the road and you will ensure that your bridal set is a perfect match. It is inevitable that a bride is going to want a matching band to her engagement ring. It matters to women that their engagement ring fits perfectly together with their wedding band. This is why most men and women who know about FlyerFit®, make it their number one choice of bridal engagement ring and matching wedding band set.

Choosing a Diamond

When you are choosing a diamond decide the order of importance of the diamond's cut and clarity and color and carat weight, then you can weigh your options, prioritize these qualities in order of importance to you, and adjust your budget to fit accordingly. After you learn the 4-Cs, you can apply them to Martin Flyer's Five Classifications of Bridal to ensure the perfect diamond fits into the perfect engagement ring. You would be remiss if you didn't next learn about FlyerFit® by Martin Flyer. Our unique, trademarked FlyerFit technology completely eliminates "the dreaded gap" between the two rings that is often a problem in other brands.