Bohème is a non-traditional upscale bridal collection inspired by natural elements of the earth. Every artistic design is handcrafted and focused on the different textures of the precious metals, of which all are recycled. This elegant and organic collection will include refined yet detailed engagement rings as well as wedding and commitment bands.It is not hard to visualize the living beauty of Bohème; with design inspirations having names such as ‘Lava’ and ‘Twig’, a sense of motion and energy is ever present in each design for both men and women. The name of this collection is defined as a “carefree lifestyle unbounded by convention”, and Bohème designs are just that. The Bohème collection is sophisticated but approachable as the pairing combinations have a universal appeal. 

The rings are designed not only with Mother Nature, but Human Nature in mind.

Bohème is the joint creative venture between designer Julie Romanenko of “Just Jules” fame and Martin Flyer CEO Joshua Kaufman. Martin Flyer’s expertise in bridal has been thoroughly proven with its FlyerFit® brand and is further evident from the tag line “When Two Become One”. Joshua Kaufman’s sensibilities in the success of the FlyerFit® model naturally led him to cultivate an organic version based on Julie Romanenko’s pioneering designs for JUST JULES, which are fueled by nature and discovery. Bohème perfectly reflects the talents and synergy of both its artists.


This elegant and organic collection includes refined yet detailed engagement rings as well as wedding and commitment bands. The engagement rings feature high dome rose cuts as well as traditional round brilliant diamonds from .50-2.00ct and are available in white, rose and yellow gold. The wedding bands can be worn either as a complement to the engagement rings or as stackers to enhance what they might already have. 


The Unity collection of wedding and commitment bands with different organic textures are for both men and women. ‘Unity’ invokes the concept of “becoming one” as each handcrafted pairing were created from one ring, artistically separated and can be worn independently of the other.