About us

Beginning in the Bowery district more than 65 years ago, Martin Flyer is one of the most recognizable names in the jewelry industry today. Now based in a 10,000 square foot facility in Manhattan's diamond district, the third generation family business continues to carry out the Flyer tradition of providing customers with the highest quality products, competitive prices, and first class service.

Martin Flyer initiated the concept of the "Five Classifications of Bridal" as an educational tool for consumers. Developed to make the process of selecting an engagement ring easy and worry free, these "classifications" continue to keep FlyerFit® on the cutting edge of the bridal jewelry market.

FlyerFit® Collection

Expanding on its already-successful semi-mounts for bridal, Martin Flyer launched FlyerFit® in 2006. Using a special trademarked design, FlyerFit® engagement rings and wedding band sets fit together perfectly. This unique technology eliminates "the dreaded gap" that exists between the two rings and offers a functional solution. There are five different collections under the FlyerFit® umbrella: Classic, Vintage, For Him, Simplicity and Perfected.

FlyerFit® rings are hand crafted, using the finest raw materials available. All FlyerFit® rings use Hearts and Arrows™ Ideal Cut Diamonds, only precious metals and are all made by hand..

Martin Flyer Goes Social

There are a lot of exciting things going on at Martin Flyer. We invite you to visit our social media site, https://www.facebook.com/FlyerFit. We describe it as: "your place to laugh, love and learn," because we know that for most people, getting engaged is uncharted territory - so it can sometimes be overwhelming or stressful. The idea behind The Engagement Club is not to stress out, but to celebrate and have fun with it and get a lot of great advice and information along the way. We're building an online community of people with a shared interest in getting engaged or being engaged.

Martin Flyer Fashion Collection

Since 1945 Martin Flyer has been providing the jewelry industry with the highest quality of products backed by first –class service. Martin Flyer introduced their FlyerFIt® Bridal Brand to the industry 9 years ago and today FlyerFit® is one of the leading American Designer Bridal Brands. Martin Flyer has always been known for high quality, Classic Diamond Product. Today, Martin Flyer enters a new category in the jewelry industry and is proud to announce a new Fashion Jewelry Division to expand its distribution as well as its products into the American Fashion Product lovers.